A fan-run BBC Sherlock convention

19th - 20th September 2020, Thistle Hotel, London Heathrow


About HolmesCon2020

The Team

HolmesCon2020 is the brainchild of Kat and Sandra, two Sherlockians very active in the Twitter fandom. After mourning the loss of the official convention, they decided to take matters into their own hands. With help and support of some great friends, a con was born.

Our wonderful artwork, and Kickstarter rewards, have been exclusively designed by @JohnsNotHisDate - click the link to check out her Redbubble!

The Event

 HolmesCon2020 is a two day event, created with the aim to help you to meet other Sherlockians (many of whom you know on Twitter), and to allow fan-artists to showcase their work and sell some of their amazing designs.

 Though we are primarily a BBC Sherlock convention, fans of ACD canon and all adaptations are welcome. All ships are welcome too!

The Weekend

  With the help of the wonderful people in this fandom, we will be presenting a variety of panels and talks, along with a quiz, games, and even an auction! There will be opportunities for creators to work on new content together, as well as the chance for fans to meet their favourite writers and artists. 

 It's time to dig out your best cosplay! There will be a prize for the most unique idea, along with a prize for the winners of our big Sherlock quiz!!  


Saturday Morning

ACD 101; An Introduction to the Original Canon (Presented by Diane Duane)

ACD vs BBC (Panel)

Fanfiction: All Hail Ao3 (Panel)

Medical (Mis)adventures in Sherlock Fanfiction (Presented by J Baillier)

Saturday Afternoon

Fabulous Fanart (Panel)

Writing For An Established Fandom (Presented by Diane Duane)

Pain, Glorious Pain; Angst, Hurt/Comfort, and Major Character Death (Panel)

The Wonderful World of AU's (Panel)

Cosplay Catwalk

The Great Big Sherlock Quiz (Will be held in the evening)

Sunday Morning

The Joys of Co-authoring (Panel)

Consulting Fandom (Panel)

Is Sherlock Autistic? (Presented by 7PercentSolution)

Why Did The Vase Slide? An Introduction To Sherlock Meta (Panel)

Sunday Afternoon

Sexuality & Shipping (Panel)

Fandom Bingo!

The Elephant in the Room; Authorship, Queerbaiting, and Sherlock (Presented by Elly Ross)

Improving Canon; Fix It's, Canon Divergence, and Writing a Case Fic (Panel)

Smut & Kinks (Panel 18+) (will be held in the evening)


Our Hotel

HolmesCon2020 will be held at the Thistle Hotel, Terminal 5, Heathrow, London (see map below). The hotel has a restaurant and terrace with amazing views of the runway. They have a variety of guest rooms, and have kindly supplied us with the following discount code especially for con attendees - HEAT190920W. Enter this code in the "Group Attendee" box on their website to receive the special rate.

Please see their website for further details, or contact us with any questions.

Guest Speakers

Diane Duane


Diane Duane

Diane is a science fiction & fantasy author, whose work includes the Young Wizards series, and Rihannsu Star Trek novels. She has been on the New York Times bestseller list several times, and is a huge Sherlock Holmes fan!

J Baillier


Diane Duane

JBaillier is a phenomenal fanfiction author, who specialises in medical realism. She has written upwards of 60 Sherlock fics. Her epic series "On Pins and Needles" includes the popular fics "The Breaking Wheel" and "On The Rack".




7PercentSolution is one of our most highly respected fanfiction authors. An expert in Autism Spectrum Disorder, 7Percent's knowledge creates a unique and complex Sherlock. Popular fics include "Ex Files"  and "Fallen Angel" series. They have often co-authored with JBailiier.

Elly Ross

ThePersianSlipper, 88thParallel, Elldotsee, SherlockWatson-HolmesBlog


Elly is the author of the published thesis, "The Elephant in the Room: Authorship, Queerbaiting and Sherlock". We are lucky to have them to deliver a talk on their work. 

Elly will also be discussing interpretation of Irene Adler on our ACD vs BBC panel.

CarmillaCarmine, LaKoda0518

ThePersianSlipper, 88thParallel, Elldotsee, SherlockWatson-HolmesBlog

ThePersianSlipper, 88thParallel, Elldotsee, SherlockWatson-HolmesBlog

Carmilla has written an impressive number of Sherlock fics in only a year as an author. Her punk!lock AU, Dissonance, has been hugely popular, and also has a number of ficlets running alongside it. Her good friend, LaKoda0518 (Katie) will be alongside her on our Smut panel, and will appear separately for our Fanfiction talk. Katie has written both Johnlock and RPF fics.

ThePersianSlipper, 88thParallel, Elldotsee, SherlockWatson-HolmesBlog

ThePersianSlipper, 88thParallel, Elldotsee, SherlockWatson-HolmesBlog

ThePersianSlipper, 88thParallel, Elldotsee, SherlockWatson-HolmesBlog

These four well known tumblr meta bloggers will be presenting a fascinating panel on some of the most credible and compelling theories. 

Both Elldotsee and 88thParallel will also be appearing on our writing panels.

Kameo Douglas & CumberCurlyGirl

Khorazir, SparkyPip, JohnsNotHisDate

Kameo Douglas & CumberCurlyGirl

The fantastic authors of Nine And A Half Weeks will be appearing together on both our Co-Authoring panel and our Smut Panel!

Rakshita Patel

Khorazir, SparkyPip, JohnsNotHisDate

Kameo Douglas & CumberCurlyGirl

Rakshita (Raks) Patel will be speaking on our ACD vs BBC panel regarding the modernisation of Moriarty. Raks is passionate about the canon and is a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, and has been published in the Sherlock Holmes Journal.

Khorazir, SparkyPip, JohnsNotHisDate

Khorazir, SparkyPip, JohnsNotHisDate

Khorazir, SparkyPip, JohnsNotHisDate

These three much-loved artists will be appearing together on our Fabulous Fanart panel, discussing both their own work and different drawing styles.

InnerSpectrum, Writing Out Loud

InnerSpectrum, Writing Out Loud

Khorazir, SparkyPip, JohnsNotHisDate

InnerSpectrum (Raivenne) is a prolific writer of both Johnlock and Mystrade, and she will be speaking on our Sexuality & Shipping panel, as well as our Improving Canon writing panel.

Writing Out Loud will also be speaking on our Improving Canon panel, and she has written a number of  angst filled S3/S4 fix-it's and canon divergent stories.

mydogwatson, Shelleysprometheus

InnerSpectrum, Writing Out Loud

mydogwatson, Shelleysprometheus

mydogwatson has written over 200 pieces of Sherlock fanfiction! Many of this impressive number are alternative universe stories, and we're lucky to have them speak on this panel.

 Shelleysprometheus is known for her very popular case fic The Real Great Perfumers. She also writes Sherlock poetry. and will be speaking on both our Co-authoring and Improving Canon panels. 

SherlockW_H (Kat)

InnerSpectrum, Writing Out Loud

mydogwatson, Shelleysprometheus

Kat is very well known on twitter where she runs roleplaying accounts, and regularly recs fics. She also writes under the name SherlockWatson_Holmes and recently completed her S4 fix-it, Limerence. She will be taking part in our Consulting Fandom panel.


These are our confirmed panelists so far. What an amazing lineup we have for you!



Diane Duane

Writing Out Loud








Elly Ross







Rakshita Patel




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